Featured Music Week 49 2017

  • a0519255157_10

    DJ Lycox Sonhos & Pesadelos LP Principe Discos

  • otr007lp_prod

    The Remote Viewer Us. In Happier Times. LP Other Ideas

  • screen-shot-2017-12-09-at-5-59-55-pm

    Visible Cloaks Lex EP RVNG Intl

  • screen-shot-2017-12-09-at-5-08-39-pm

    Various Artists Magnetic South LP Kashual Plastik

  • record

    Andy Mac & Ossia Soup Riddim EP No Corner

Featured Music Week 48 2017

  • screen-shot-2017-12-01-at-10-08-50-pm

    Equiknoxx Colón Man 2xLP DDS

  • screen-shot-2017-12-01-at-10-18-33-pm

    Terekke Plant Age LP LIES

  • image43

    Remarc R.I.P. / Ice Cream & Syrup 12" Suburban Base

  • screen-shot-2017-11-24-at-12-19-54-am

    Various Artists SILO 003 LP Silo

  • screen-shot-2017-12-01-at-10-21-26-pm

    Mike By The Water EP Marathon Artists

  • screen-shot-2017-12-01-at-10-24-06-pm

    Gianni Denitto Café d’Arab EP Musica Altra

Featured Music Week 47 2017

  • screen-shot-2017-11-23-at-11-26-49-pm

    Errorsmith Superlative Fatigue 2xLP PAN

  • 5016958087845

    Björk Utopia 2xLP One Little Indian

  • screen-shot-2017-11-23-at-11-43-31-pm

    Apichatpong Weerasethakul Metaphors 2xLP Sub Rosa

  • carti

    Playboi Carti Playboi Carti LP Interscope

  • screen-shot-2017-11-23-at-11-35-11-pm

    Buttechno Super Siziy King The Trilogy Tapes EP

  • screen-shot-2017-11-24-at-12-05-05-am

    Hiroshi Yoshimura Music for Nine Postcards LP Empire of Signs

  • screen-shot-2017-11-24-at-12-16-08-am

    Hypnotic Brass Ensemble Book of Sound 2xLP Honest Jon's

  • a2132429956_16

    Burnt Friedman & Mohammad Reza Mortazavi YEK EP Nonplace

Featured Music Week 46 2017

  • a3919696852_10

    Jun Fukamachi Nicole LP WWRTFWW

  • screen-shot-2017-11-17-at-12-06-04-pm

    Sandy B Amajovi Jovi LP Invisible City

  • screen-shot-2017-11-16-at-10-03-54-pm

    La Confirmation 1983 - 1985 LP Delodio

  • screen-shot-2017-11-16-at-10-22-24-pm

    Duckett Feeding Paper Tigers EP Snare Tapes

  • 290266b

    Grand River Crescente EP Spazio Disponible

Featured Music Week 45 2017

  • a3469445756_10

    Call Super Arpo 2xLP Houndstooth

  • 1a21c3135c4c756f697543b3af9e674a

    CultureClash CultureClash 2xLP Lost Futures

  • blume011lp_cu

    Mary Jane Leach Pipe Dreams LP Blume Editions

  • a1643301902_10

    Avalon Emerson Whities 013 12" Whities

  • r-10784375-1504269528-5545-png

    László Hortobágyi Transreplica Meccano LP Lullabies For Insomniacs

  • an

    Anthony Naples Love No Border EP City 2 St. Giga

Featured Music Week 44 2017

  • a2532854387_10

    William Eggleston Musik LP Secretly Canadian

  • r-11030129-1508816497-5546-jpeg

    Dean Blunt Stone Island LP World Music

  • a0948776470_16

    Tomoko Sauvage Musique Hydromantique LP Shelter Press

  • a4241708264_16

    Maalem Mahmoud Gania Colours Of The Night 2xLP Hive Mind Music

  • r-10755269-1503738783-3698-jpeg

    Healing Force Project Visual Alterity EP On Board Music

  • ping058ep_cu

    Umeko Ando Iuta Upopo 7" Pingipung

  • a3457162176_16

    Golden Teacher No Luscious Life LP Golden Teacher

Featured Music Week 43 2017

  • artworks-000239449066-wa06nx-t500x500

    El Sueño de Hyparco Ambientes Hormonales LP Urpa i Musell

  • a0424733862_10

    NSRD Workshop For The Restoration Of Unfelt Feelings LP Stroom

  • 289994

    Toresch Untitled EP Offen Music ‎

  • a2664990840_10

    Krikor Kouchian Pacific Alley LP LIES

  • tjh_jacket_front_1024x1024

    T.J. Hustler Metaphysical Synthesized Orchestra Age of Individualism LP Companion Records

  • r-482692-1156193720-jpeg

    Zazou / Bikaye / CY1 Noir et Blanc LP Crammed Discs

  • 3735446

    Mustapha Skandrani Istikhbars and Improvisations LP EM Records

Featured Music Week 42 2017

  • doser032lp_prod

    Tarawangsawelas Wanci LP Morphine

  • 289240

    Vtgnike Collection LP Gost Zvuk

  • cs666133-01a-big

    Buttechno 1984 EP Rassvet

  • a2803686267_10

    Dedekind Cut The Expanding Domain LP Hallow Ground

  • a1443573223_16

    Spellling Pantheon Of Me Cassette Self-Released

Featured Music Week 41 2017

  • a1600560526_10

    Iku Sakan Prism In Us All LP Japan Blues

  • r-5342709-1391821733-4350-jpeg

    Ø (Mika Vainio) Konstellaatio 2xLP Sakho Recordings

  • still-front-small

    Still I LP PAN

  • a4160051529_16

    Martin Glass The Pacific Visions of Martin Glass LP Kit Records

  • various-artists-i-apos-m-on-my-journey-home-sacred-harp-singing-1928-1934

    Various Artists I'm on My Journey Home: Sacred Harp Singing, 1928​-​1934 Death Is Not The End LP

  • r-10941804-1506899109-6464-jpeg

    Blue Iverson Hotep EP Deviation

Featured Music Week 40 2017

  • hdb112-klein

    Klein Tommy EP Hyperdub

  • a0042175457_16

    Vazz Submerged Vessels And Other Stories LP Stroom

  • a2060797504_10

    Chie Mukai / Justin Simon 日 月 EP Mesh-Key

  • a1169669897_16

    Jabu Sleep Heavy LP Blackest Ever Black

  • 4050486124833

    Various Artists Guarapo! Forty Bangers From Barranquilla 2xLP Honest Jon's

  • 30019_sandro-mussida-ventuno-costellazioni-invisibili

    Sandro Mussida Ventuno Constellazione Invisibili LP Metrica

Featured Music Week 39 2017

  • r-10008262-1493887387-3515-jpeg

    Persona Service 660 Problems LP Cellar Door

  • minoru-hoodoo-fushimi-in-praise-of-mitochondria-e1506523567324

    Minoru 'Hoodoo' Fushimi In Praise Of Mitochondria 2xLP Left Ear

  • dulcecompania_djpython

    DJ Python Dulce Compañia 2xLP Incienso

  • r-10847236-1505668056-4355-jpeg

    Abatwa (The Pygmy) Why Did We Stop Growing Tall? LP Glitterbeat

  • artworks-000232158471-gj8de8-t500x500

    Cofaxx Pico Vu EP Nous

  • a1347947863_16

    Milan W. Intact LP JJ Funhouse

Featured Music Week 38 2017

  • r-2493094-1389482022-5653-jpeg

    Koharu Kisaragi Neo Plant EP Lag Records

  • hes031-b-unoutlined-copy-2ai_1503404163

    Beatrice Dillon and Call Super Inkjet / Fluo 12" Hessle Audio

  • a1320279199_16

    Liz Durette Four Improvisations On Electric Piano LP Ehse Records

  • Memories-CoverNew

    Ross Alexander Memorias Vol. I - Bugandan Sacred Places Cassette Sucata Tapes

  • a0621323156_16

    Skee Mask ISS002 EP Ilian Tape

Featured Music Week 37 2017

  • artworks-000222812116-lmr4l2-t500x500

    Dog Lady Island Chopin LP Ultra Eczema

  • a1296330294_10

    Yasuaki Shimizu Music For Commercials LP Crammed Discs

  • r-10513742-1499000357-5804-jpeg

    154 Strike 2xLP NWAQ

  • bt029lp_cu

    Crys Cole & Oren Ambarchi Hotel Record 2xLP Black Truffle

  • r-10818395-1504815569-8128-jpeg

    Minor Science Whities 012 12" Whities

  • tclr022-machine-woman

    Machine Woman When Lobster Comes Home 12" Technicolour

Featured Music Week 36 2017

  • mil3008lp

    Ryuichi Sakamoto async 2xLP Milan

  • a2720055809_10

    Kruton I, Pathetikus 2xLP Sisters

  • a2505220787_10

    Midori Takada & Masahiko Sato Lunar Cruise LP WRWTFWW

  • 6642302

    Low Jack vs. Time Cow Glacial Dancehall 2 Cassette Bokeh Versions

  • yo2th-shamos

    Shamos YOU2H EP Youth

  • r-10747284-1504066126-3367-jpeg

    SW. The Album 2xLP Apollo

Featured Music Week 35 2017

  • 21

    21 Savage Savage Mode LP Slaughter Gang

  • pp_in_the_woods__0002_03_ws-775x758

    Olaf Nicolai In The Woods There Is A Bird... LP Public Possession

  • jbh067lp_cu

    Basil Kirchin Basil Kirchin Is My Friend LP Trunk

  • r-10694523-1502552531-8693-jpeg

    DJ Fett Birger Rook On Remixes and Bogos 12" Sound Metaphors

  • blackest061lp_cu

    Tarquin Manek / Martina Quake Locks On Our Doors Not On Our Hearts LP Blackest Ever Black

Featured Music Week 34 2017

  • hype-williams-rainbow-edition-large

    Hype Williams Rainbow Edition LP Big Dada

  • productimage-picture-invenciones-980_jpg_382x5000_q100

    Various Artists Invenciones - La Otra Vanguardia Musical En Latinoamerica 1976-1988 2xLP Munster

  • a2311262158_16

    Charles Manier Luxus Steroid Abamita 2xLP Bopside

  • 30095_robert-aiki-aubrey-lowe-levitation-praxis_mini

    Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe Levitation Praxis Pt. 4 LP DDS

  • a3984770602_10

    Bosaina New York April - July 2013 / Two Names Upon The Shore LP Discrepant

  • a4207428676_16

    DJ Call Me +27 73 121 5626 EP Promesses

Featured Music Week 33 2017

  • r-10592651-1500558092-3720-jpeg

    OL Height Difference 2xLP Gost Zvuk

  • r-10528468-1499283965-4085-jpeg

    The Parels Mineral Kingdom LP Lal Lal Lal

  • uiq009ep_cu

    Zuli Numbers EP UIQ

  • pan079lp_cu

    Pan Daijing Lack LP PAN

  • r-10613857-1500963408-9221-jpeg

    Lino Capra Vaccina Echi Armonici Da Antico Adagio LP Die Schachtel

  • uw014lp_cu

    C-Schulz Fruhe Jahre LP Unseen Worlds

Featured Music Week 32 2017

  • original

    Ø (Mika Vainio) Oleva 2xLP Sakho Recordings

  • hol105lp_cu

    Maria Monti Il Bestiario LP Holidays

  • gbp010lp_cu

    Amos & Sara Invite To Endless Latino LP War Extension

  • a-r-e-project-main

    Hieroglyphic Being, Sarathy Korwar & Shabaka Hutchings A.R.E. Project EP Technicolour

  • a1491868813_10

    DJ Orange Julius The Grove LP Mall Music

Featured Music Week 31 2017

  • r-10548708-1499694257-2028-jpeg

    Maria Rita Brasileira LP Selva Discos / Optimo

  • 191515550699

    Person Of Interest Down For Your Fantasy EP Unknown To The Unknown

  • a0739620976_10

    ASDA / Japan Blues / Ossia The McDonald's Prayer 12" NoCorner

  • a3302622332_16

    18 Rays 18 Rays EP Antinote

  • godrec043lp_cu

    Phill Niblock Rhymes With Water LP God Records

Featured Music Week 30 2017

  • outa06-terrence-dixon

    Terrence Dixon 12,000 Miles Of Twilight 3xLP Out-Er

  • r-10394000-1500734538-4020-jpeg

    Martin Kornberger & Volker Kuhn Embrace LP Orbeatize

  • a0410251381_10

    NÍDIA Nídia é Má, Nídia é Fudida LP Principe

  • 86821

    Klaus Cry Tuff EP Tanum

  • 5055869523820_t5_image

    Duckett Gannets For Guano EP Wisdom Teeth

  • artworks-000219612403-h5d7qh-t500x500

    Jack Peoples Laptop Cafe EP Clone

Featured Music Week 29 2017

  • r-10543660-1499589509-8244-png

    Jocy de Oliveira Estórias Para Voz, Instrumentos Acústicos e Eletrônicos LP Blume Editions

  • 80fc51c6ccd4bfe0c21f2272cc3804b8

    From Scratch / goat / Don't DJ / Utena Kobayashi Group 8, 9, 10 and 9, 10, 11 from Gung Ho 1, 2, 3D 2xLP EM Records

  • a3957194678_10

    Shintaro Sakamoto Love If Possible LP Mesh-Key

  • charlemagne-palestine-arpeggiated-bosendorfer-falsetto-voice_1024x1024

    Charlemagne Palestine Arpeggiated Bosendorfer + Falsetto Voice LP Alga Marghen

  • blkmerlin

    Black Merlin Hipnotik Tradisi 2xLP Island Of The Gods

  • cs656831-01a-med

    SW. / SVN Sued 018 12" Sued

Featured Music Week 28 2017

  • r-9970910-1489437594-4710-jpeg

    Various Artists (compiled by Jan Schulte) Tropical Drums of Deutschland 2xLP Music For Dreams

  • r-10526470-1499252456-9130-jpeg

    Shackleton with Anika Behind the Glass 2xLP Woe To The Septic Heart!

  • 13003dcb07f6279d28506751049a77cc

    Ozel AB Workshop 24 EP Workshop

  • image description

    Aleksi Perälä The Colundi Sequence Vol. 2 2xLP DUB

  • 0009187786_10

    NV Binasu LP MIND Records

  • 643e92b0

    Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft Passive Agressive LP Melody As Truth

Featured Music Week 27 2017

  • r-10468240-1498262833-6600-jpeg

    Porn Sword Tobacco 2017 2xEP Acido

  • a3194243430_10

    Riccardo Sinigaglia Riflessi LP Soave

  • r-10479002-1498292122-3967-jpeg

    Morteza Hannaneh چشم دل LP Collapsing Market

  • fm009d-micachu

    Oliver Coates / Eliza McCarthy Micachu - Peace and Riding Through Drinking Harpo Dine 7" Foom

  • a1173787731_10

    Parris Your Kiss Is Sour 12" EP Hemlock

  • 889030601162_t33629917810054

    Lanark Artefax Whities 011 EP Whities

Featured Music Week 26 2017

  • laurel-halo-dust

    Laurel Halo Dust LP Hyperdub

  • inventing-masks-2nd-1

    Inventing Masks 2nd LP Error Broadcast

  • cs649248-01a-big

    Golden Mean Resonance 12" EP FIT

  • 628-07

    Terry Fox 552 Steps Through 11 Pairs of Strings 2xLP Edition Telemark

  • crep044lp_cu

    Praed Fabrication Of Silver Dreams LP Discrepant

  • a1931217958_10

    Umfang Symbolic Use Of Light LP Ninja Tune

Featured Music Week 25 2017

  • fkr093-600x600-400x400

    Maria Teresa Luciani Sounds Of The City LP Finders Keepers

  • pan78-cover-web

    Konrad Sprenger Stack Music LP PAN

  • firec023-dj-sports

    DJ Sports Modern Species 2xEP Firecracker Recordings

  • 29737_ragnar-johnson-subrosa

    Ragnar Johnson Ethiopian Urban and Tribal Music 2xLP Sub Rosa

  • r-10340069-1495629778-3229-jpeg

    Lutto Lento Dark Secret World LP Where to Now?

  • ajl

    AJL Band Take Me Dancing 2xLP FXHE

  • sub021-3000x3000_1250

    Ellen Arkbro For Organ and Brass LP Subtext

Featured Music Week 24 2017

  • cs3424115-02a-big

    Elysia Crampton Spots y Escupitajo LP The Vinyl Factory

  • tresor294ep_cu

    Terrence Dixon Like A Thief In The Night EP Tresor

  • cy990lp_cu

    Michele Fedrigotti / Danilo Lorenzini I Fiori del Sole LP Song Cycle

  • large_550_tmp_2f1494610303101-4dxn3rt11u2-55306bb040db6581338de62faedf1f45_2fbrighterwatashidakefrontcoverpromocropp1

    Keiji Haino Watashi Dake? LP Black Editions

  • a1145144777_10

    Firma Do Txiga Firma Do Txiga 3x7" Principe

Featured Music Week 23 2017

  • _web_nana_esi_brenda_cybe_stroom_vinyl_graphic_1000

    Cybe Tropisch Verlangen LP Stroom Music

  • r-10000002-1490033529-8684-jpeg

    Haile M. Ghiorgis Man Biye? 7" The Artless Cuckoo

  • r-8186006-1459434893-6254-png

    食品まつり aka Foodman Hot Rice Cassette Patient Sounds

  • r-10341083-1495637116-1135-jpeg

    Mix Mup Gravity 12" EP Mikrodisko

  • image

    Iona Fortune Tao of I LP Optimo Music

Featured Music Week 22 2017

  • image_11

    Shinichi Atobe From The Heart, It's A Start, A Work Of Art 2xLP DDS

  • r-9432404-1480477992-1166-jpeg

    Caveman LSD Untitled EP St. Giga

  • sv049lp_prod

    Tony Conrad Ten Years Alive On The Infinite Plain 2xLP Superior Viaduct

  • mie044lp_cu

    Lejsovka & Freund Music for Small Ensemble and Computer 2xLP MIE Music

  • 5050580670402

    Tradition Captain Ganja And The Space Patrol LP Bokeh Versions

Featured Music Week 21 2017

  • r-10326538-1495583168-4683-jpeg

    serpentwithfeet blisters EP Tri Angle

  • sp081-artcover

    Felicia Atkinson Hand In Hand 2xLP Shelter Press

  • endg087_sentah

    Mina Sentah EP Enchufada

  • eduardounz

    Eduardo Unz Dicky EP Broken Call Records

  • 5055869520317_t4_image

    Simo Cell / Don't DJ / K-Lone On Line Vol 1 12" Wisdom Teeth

Featured Music Week 20 2017

  • a4190542042_10

    Jlin Black Origami 2xLP Planet Mu

  • r-7800645-1449047093-4766-jpeg

    Carlos Cutaia Orquesta LP Emotional Rescue

  • r-9835314-1487088905-6315-jpeg

    Jex Opolis Ravines LP Good Timin'

  • bk12x1204_cover

    Kara-Lis Coverdale Grafts 12" Boomkat Editions

  • artworks-000212358900-zrz02b-t500x500

    Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe Kulthan 12" Latency Recordings

Featured Music Week 19 2017

  • paolo-modugno-brise-dautomne-e1494347049872

    Paolo Modugno Brise d'automne 2LP Archeo

  • r-10065935-1491031049-1525-png

    Felix Krone Die Kunst du Verschwinden 2LP Hidden Hawaii

  • artworks-000198207310-ly7kbd-t500x500

    Frequency vs Atkins Mind Merge 2LP Out-ER

  • r5721_0_or

    The Sun God Same Beings Same Experiences Same Worlds 12" Bio Rhythm

  • screen-shot-2017-05-14-at-8-37-41-am

    Various Artists PM V/A Vol. 1 EP Peder Mannerfelt Produktion

Featured Music Week 18 2017

  • 62798-1

    Pierre Marietan Rose Des Vents 2LP Mana

  • cs630142-01a-big

    Mark Here Comes a Fucking Startup Campus 12" A Colourful Storm

  • r-9870073-1487687284-2106-jpeg

    Frits Wentink BODOMRGWDL02 LP Bobby Donny

  • r-10118276-1491929975-1288-jpeg

    Larry Achiampong Untitled LP Look Mama! Records

  • r-9652464-1484244169-8598-jpeg

    Robert Crash In Your Ass, With Love EP Fottute

Featured Music Week 17 2017

  • r-9984805-1489682364-6683-jpeg

    Coby Sey Whities 010 EP Whities

  • 163969

    Eric Copeland Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect 2LP LIES

  • r-9302523-1491005432-5898-png

    Studio OST Eventide/Ascension 12" Lustwerk Music

  • a2196940593_10

    Various Artists Mono No Aware 2LP PAN

  • a2761267081_10

    v1984 Pansori EP Knives

Featured Music Week 16 2017

  • r-10052014-1490783264-5867-png

    Fit of Body Healthcare EP Ransom Note

  • r-10126880-1492092648-6355-jpeg

    Actress AZD 2LP Ninja Tune

  • a1261357906_10

    Akis Space, Time and Beyond 2LP Into the Light

  • r-10125640-1492415156-4021-jpeg

    Jaap Vink Jaap Vink 2LP Recollection GRM

  • r-10087344-1491382309-7784-jpeg

    AMOR Paradise 12" Night School

Featured Music Week 15 2017

  • a0547979011_16

    Dopplereffekt Cellular Automata LP Leisure System

  • 822d333a33348020952a4c2352454b9f

    Nocow Ledyanoy 2LP Gost Zvuk

  • tal004lp_cu

    Non Band Non Band LP TAL

  • a4138311858_10

    Second Woman S/W LP Spectrum Spools

  • screen-shot-2017-04-16-at-11-19-35-am

    Standing On The Corner Standing On The Corner LP DUPRI

Featured Music Week 14 2017

  • R-9874950-1487775421-9598.jpeg

    Abdou El Omari Nuits de Printemps LP Radio Martiko

  • Arca_Arca_Cover_4000_010217.jpg-2-1487776262-compressed

    Arca Arca LP XL Recordings

  • R-10028511-1490383953-7138.jpeg

    Smagghe & Cross MA 2xLP Offen Music

  • ypy-2020

    YPY 2020 LP Where to Now?

  • a2966030092_10

    See Other Linda EP Lobster Theremin

Featured Music Week 13 2017

  • artworks-000199109383-vys5hk-t500x500

    Jonny Nash Eden LP Melody As Truth

  • R-9839026-1487157725-6406.jpeg

    Charlemagne Palestine Strumming Music LP Aguirre

  • VA-welcometoparadise-Vol1

    Various Artists Welcome To Paradise Vol. I: Italian Dream House 2LP Safe Trip

  • a3124507497_10-1024x1024

    Xth Réflexion /​\​\​05-06 2LP Chained Library

  • zeit-un-giorno_1024x1024

    Zeit Un Giorno In Una Piazza Del Mediterraneo LP Black Sweat

Featured Music Week 12 2017

  • Screen-Shot-2017-03-26-at-8.20.14-AM

    Din A Testbild Programm 4 LP Mannequin

  • R-9971799-1489489729-9431.jpeg

    Haruomi Hosono, Shigeru Suzuki & Tatsuro Yamashita Pacific LP Victory

  • 28137_midori-through-looking-glass_mini

    Midori Takada Through The Looking Glass LP Palto Flats / WRWTFWW

  • 260657b

    Parassela Flunkey 12" Restoration

  • Screen-Shot-2017-03-26-at-8.25.49-AM

    Tzusing 東方不敗 LP L.I.E.S.

Featured Music Week 11 2017

  • unnamed

    Buttechno City-2 EP City-2 St. Giga

  • r-9897609-1488142777-5749-jpeg

    Paradon't thrd mpct EP Disk

  • r-9915150-1488474913-4385-jpeg

    Phew Light Sleep LP Mesh-Key

  • r-9804120-1486573230-1702-jpeg

    Niños Indigo Vuduwave LP Phonica Records Special Editions ‎

  • the-mystic-jungle-tribe-live-in-napoli

    The Mystic Jungle Tribe Live In Napoli LP Going Good

Featured Music Week 10 2017

  • de146

    The Arms Of Someone New Susan Sleepwalking LP Dark Entries

  • r-9733269-1485521187-4350-jpeg

    Karlos Moran MMG001 EP Moran Music Group

  • a3395205968_10

    Missing Organs Old Speakers Cassette Umor Rex

  • a2608562692_10

    DJ Nigga Fox 15 Barras 12" Principe

  • r-9943979-1488986370-5860-jpeg

    Shed The Final Experiment 2LP Monkeytown

Featured Music Week 09 2017

  • a2188747627_10

    Giusto Pio Motore Immoblie LP Soave

  • a1061786916_10

    Gerard Herman Die paste, die wrong LP Entr'acte

  • a0096458261_10

    Joy Orbison Toss Portal EP Toss Portal

  • hsbc

    Heatsick and Bass Clef (HSBC) Die Blaue Stunde EP ABCDLP

  • sk002lp_cu

    Various Artists Sounds From The Archipelago Vol. 2 LP + CD SHIOK!

Featured Music Week 08 2017

  • a2225594746_10

    Aine O'Dwyer Gegenschein LP Penultimate Press

  • a3602337405_16

    Batu Murmur EP Timedance

  • mfm016_sleeve_high_res

    Various Artists Outro Tempo: Electronic and Contemporary Music From Brazil, 1978-1992 2LP Music From Memory

  • r-9686936-1486246142-7146-jpeg

    Shanti Celeste Untitled 12" Peach Discs

  • Sven_template_639x324_print

    Sven Grünberg Anima 1977-2001 LP Frotee Records

Featured Music Week 07 2017

  • bcdc4d405b922cb0aead2b66b4c76bce

    Bass Clef Entendrillar 12" EP The Trilogy Tapes

  • japan-blues-cover

    Japan Blues Sells His Record Collection LP Self-Released

  • a2412692887_10

    Jeich Ould Badu and Ahmedou Ahmed Lewla Top WZN LP Sahel Sounds

  • static1-squarespace

    Rupert Clervaux Zibaldone I of CVX EP Laura Lies In

  • a3464389412_10

    Visible Cloaks Reassemblage LP RVNG Intl

Featured Music Week 06 2017

  • jeffery_young_thug

    Young Thug Jeffery LP Atlantic

  • a3488427871_10

    Jlin Dark Lotus 12" Planet Mu

  • tccartel

    Tuning Circuits 30 Minutes Of My Life, A Trip Through The Audio Spectrum LP Totally Freaked Out Power Electronics

  • r-9472758-1481194609-2918-jpeg

    Delroy Edwards Hangin' At The Beach 2LP LA Club Resource

  • asc002-niagara

    Niagara 37 EP Ascender

Featured Music Week 05 2017

  • bm_bh_ep

    Black Merlin Proto World EP Berceuse Heroique

  • mia036cd_cu

    Marcus Fjellström Skelektikon LP Miasmah

  • e3fb1f96b149d55209fb473da75ba11b

    Boonlorm Boonlorm Edits EP Wilde Calm

  • 507238_1

    Pascäal Plastic LP Ways Inner Pass

  • d478cc5b-c6a0-4ace-ba66-434012a7b3b2_grande

    Obbatuké Manana001 LP Manana Cuba

Featured Music Week 04 2017

  • 5055869519007_t11

    Various Artists Antologia de Música Atípica Portuguesa LP Discrepant

  • atfa024_art

    Awa Poulo Poulo Warali LP Awesome Tapes From Africa

  • prostitutes-dance-tracksz

    Prostitutes Dance Tracksz LP Diagonal

  • a1569328478_16

    Various Artists / Nan Kolè Woza Mixtape Cassette Gqom Oh!

  • 255783

    Wahono Abandoned Hi-Hats 12" Maddjazz

Featured Music Week 03 2017

  • a3828860549_10

    Susso Keira LP Soundway

  • r-249836-1410354352-2430-jpeg

    Rhythm & Sound w/ The Artists LP Burial Mix

  • a1960154657_10

    Pit Piccinelli, Fred Gales, Walter Maioli Amazonia 6891 2xLP Black Sweat

  • 005841726_500

    Sendai Ground and Figure 2xLP Editions Mego

  • bk12x1203_dist_preview

    You Speak What I Feel (DJ Sprinkles & SND) My Good Friends Tell Me That 12" Boomkat Editions

Featured Music Week 02 2017

  • r-9612590-1483644644-4757-jpeg

    Randomize ¿Como Se Divertirán Los Insectos? LP Equilibrio

  • djclent

    DJ Clent 100% Ghetto - We 2 Ghetto 4 Ya! EP Dance Mania

  • r-6421796-1418819855-8679-jpeg

    Morton Feldman For Bunita Marcus 2xLP GOD Records

  • a2499054121_10

    Yishak Banjaw Love Songs Vol. 2 LP Teranga Beat

  • 253022d

    SW Sued 015 2xEP Sued

Featured Music Week 01 2017

  • edr004-djxanax

    Deejay Xanax Edr004 EP Exotic Dance Records

  • crop-1-500x500

    Glorias Navales Cofradia Nautica LP Kye

  • r-9358185-1481930331-5672-jpeg

    Kinetic Electronix Music for Beings 2x12" Mood Hut

  • 20160715093657-6c3c8cbe-3472-426b-ab5a-e3623c624621

    Lung Dart As I Lay Drying LP PRAH Recordings

  • r-9413794-1482601796-3997-jpeg

    Vito Ricci Symphony for Amiga LP Intelligent Instruments

Featured Music Week 52 2016 (year-end rewind)

  • artworks-000157769973-cwrgwl-t500x500

    Accident du Travail Très Précieux Sang LP The Trilogy Tapes

  • croatian_amor_love_means_web_1024x1024

    Croatian Amor Love Means Taking Action LP Alter / Posh Isolation

  • r-9463905-1481026944-9481-jpeg

    Klein Only LP Howling Owl Records


    Jorge Velez Animals Disk LP LIES

  • r-8954273-1472159810-2543-jpeg

    Motion Graphics Brass Mechanics 7" Future Times

  • cs3001747-02a-big

    Nicola Ratti Pressure Loss LP Where to Now?

  • a3536497661_10

    Senyawa Brønshøj (Puncak) LP Cejero

  • a0206012711_2

    Sugai Ken On The Quakefish LP Lullabies For Insomniacs

  • a2023292788_10

    Yves Tumor Serpent Music LP PAN

  • 216260

    Zuli Bionic Ahmed EP UIQ

Featured Music Week 51 2016

  • r-9476160-1481240007-8931-jpeg

    Beatrice Dillon Can I Change My Mind 12" Boomkat Editions

  • a3136938032_10

    Les Graciés Low Doses 2LP Firecracker Recordings

  • a1271579041_10

    SELA. Homemade Jams From Jules & Jessica's Kitchen EP Error Broadcast

  • r-9324856-1478614973-3194-jpeg

    Leo Svirsky Heights in Depths LP Catch Wave

  • rashad2-11-2-2016

    Rashad Becker Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. II LP PAN

Featured Music Week 50 2016

  • r-9304911-1478290449-3988-jpeg

    Λένα Πλάτωνος Μάσκες Ηλίου LP Dark Entries

  • tumblr_oejhwatxch1upl63qo1_1280

    Patiño / No God Ritual Split EP Hypermedium

  • r-9424336-1480336117-1126-jpeg

    Suzanne Kraft What You Get For Being Young LP Melody As Truth

  • 248126

    Makam Than Sadet 2LP Dekmantel

  • r-9196214-1476474161-9841-png

    Stallone The Reducer Private Property LP Est. 83' Records

Featured Music Week 49 2016

  • a0042748054_16

    Billy Bao Lagos Sessions LP Night School

  • r-8896670-1471014471-4390-jpeg

    EYE Sabine LP Knekelhuis

  • andrew-pekler-cover-450

    Andrew Pekler Tristes Tropiques LP Fatiche

  • dj-lag-artwork

    DJ Lag DJ Lag EP Goon Club All-Stars

  • 238284b

    Maayan Nidam Looking Through A Glassy Mind 10" EP Perlon

Featured Music Week 48 2016

  • np017lp_cu

    Sam Shalabi Isis and Osiris LP Nashazphone

  • a2294724472_10

    Niagara São João Baptista EP Principe Discos

  • anm020_cover

    LXV Clear LP Anòmia

  • a2991121845_10

    Vul Vulpes Fusion of Horizons EP Self-Released

  • 0008336640_10

    Aquarium Luxury Water Jewels 10" EP Silver Lake

Featured Music Week 47 2016

  • bh031-cover-1400px_800

    Don't DJ Musique Acephale 2LP Berceuse Heroique

  • akira-s-honda-san-cover

    Akira S Honda San EP 40% Foda/Maneirissimo

  • a2276574067_10

    Carla dal Forno You Know What It's Like LP Blackest Ever Black

  • this-isnt-your-typical-90s-era-techno-idm-revisionist-view-main

    Hieroglyphic Being This Isn’t Your Typical 90’s Era Techno / IDM Revisionist View 12" Technicolour

  • r-4617869-1405087586-9975-jpeg

    Jeri-Jeri Ndagga Versions LP Ndagga

Featured Music Week 46 2016

  • nhk-yx-koyxen

    NHK yx Koyxen Doom Steppy Reverb LP Diagonal

  • foodman

    食品まつり aka FOODMAN Ikeike Cassette postgeography

  • coh

    CoH Return to Mechanics EP Ge-stell

  • elin

    Elin Dirty Trax Done Dirt Cheap 12" Turian Trax

  • nowak

    Andrzej Nowak Cocktail Paint LP DUNNO Recordings